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Slippery Floor Tiles and other surfaces such as Baths

The legal implication for You.

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In the European Community, regulations require that surfaces in certain places meet specified coefficients of friction and insurance companies will not cover slipping accidents unless there is compliance with these regulations.

While this is not yet the case in South Africa, in terms of common law, you MAY still be held legally liable for a slipping accident on your premises, home or work, unless you can establish that you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent it.

Where are slipping risks to be found?

At home, in facilities for the aged and in the hospitality industry in baths, showers, bathroom floors, and other tiled areas including kitchens, halls, living rooms, balconies, stoeps and patios.

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In public places and other places to which the public may have access such as shopping malls, foyers of office blocks, entrance halls to business premises, hospitals, changing rooms at sports facilities, rest rooms etc.

In the workplace in all the instances already mentioned as well as areas which due to a requirement for highly sanitary conditions may be tiled, such as abattoirs, food processing, laboratories etc.